$50 New Patient Special

How the Special Works...

The $50 New Patient Special includes a Consultation, Examination, and 2 view X-Rays.  A savings of around $200.  There will be a fee for any additional necessary X-Rays.  This is needed when there is more than one area of complaint or the doctor is concerned about an additional area.   If this is unavoidable for your condition, our office will discuss this with you before any additional films are taken.  Please note:  This Special pricing does not include spinal manipulation or therapy.

If you have health insurance, our office will call to get your benefits.  If you choose to use your health insurance for the initial visit, the Special will not apply.  There are circumstances where your insurance may be less expensive for the initial visit.  We will apply your $50 payment to your services and reimburse any difference.  All of this will be discussed when our office calls to schedule your appointment.

As this is a limited Special, we ask that you PREPAY for your appointment.  You will be contacted as soon as your payment and information is received or on the next business day if it is after hours.


THIS IS A TWO STEP PROCESS BECAUSE PAY PAL DOES NOT GIVE US YOUR PHONE NUMBER.  Please fill out the CONTACT US form below with your phone number and hit SEND.  Then click on the Pay Pal button to pay for your Special.  As soon as we receive the information we will contact you to schedule your appointment.  If you do not want to wait for us to contact you, please call 783-3334.

DISCLAIMER:  IF YOU DO NOT SHOW TO YOUR INITIAL APPOINTMENT OR CANCEL IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS YOU WILL FORFEIT YOUR $50 PAYMENT.    Due to increased "no-shows" for New Patient Specials, our office has had no choice but to implement a prepayment policy to hold these appointments.  


If you have Medicaid, please contact the office before paying for your visit at 783-3334, as we only accept one new Medicaid patient per quarter.  Medicaid does not pay for Chiropractic Services if you are over the age of 20, no exceptions.  Medicaid only covers spinal manipulation.  It does not cover the Exam, X-Rays, or therapy (modalities).

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$50 New Patient Special

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Remember, this fee is to reserve your spot for the $50 New Patient Special. This fee is non-refundable in the event that you do not show to your first visit or if you cancel your appointment in less than 24 hours.   PLEASE DO THIS STEP AFTER SUBMITTING THE CONTACT US FORM ABOVE, AS PAY PAL WILL NOT SEND US YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER.